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Email marketing in the news!

Forbes Magazine reveals that over 55% marketers in the U.S perceive email as mainstream and the most effective tool for promoting products and services. The magazine also states that marketers have successively been increasing the number of email marketing campaigns.

Econsultancy in 2010 reveals that more than 60% of the respondents positively replied that fifty percent of the emails that they'd received were valuable for them. The agency further reported, "Over 42% consumers think email is the best way to receive ads for sales. Moreover, about 68% US consumers between the age group of 18 and 26 use emailed coupons online."

Internet Retailer reported that, 73% of catalogers, virtual merchants, chain retailers, and consumer brand manufacturers taking part in Internet Retailer's latest monthly survey - this one on email marketing - confessed spending up to 5% of their marketing budget on email marketing.” They further added that 11.1% of online merchants counted claim that email campaigns drove more than 25% of total sales and 18.7% of all retailers thought email generated 1% to 2.5% of total sales.

Jupiter Communications says, "The quick response rate for email marketing programs is creating a huge surge in demand for outsourced volume email solutions." Most of the campaigns begin showing results within 48 hours; whereas traditional marketing methods show results in no less than six to eight weeks.

According to Peppers & Rogers Group, “Email is the fastest, most flexible, cost efficient, personalized and specialized communication medium in the world today."

Fascinating facts of Email Marketing:

  1. Email marketing is regarded as a mainstream tool for promoting a business or enhancing sales in any corner of the world. About 90% email marketing can generate results in less than 48 hours.
  2. 147 million people in the U.S. check their emails almost every day.
  3. ROI of email marketing is over $583 billion which is considered bigger than Microsoft’s market value. Total revenue from email marketing is sufficient to compensate the entire US National Debt.
  4. Total internet users are about 1.9 billion which is larger than the combined population of European Union, the USA and China.
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Consumer and Business Email Lists

Email Marketing Software

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If you're keen on expanding your business across various geographic locations - but not including email marketing in your overall advertising campaign - then you are certainly missing out on a very important slice of the action. These days, more people rely on email than ever; by employing a topnotch email marketing strategy, you can reach even greater number of prospective customers. Going about it the "old-fashioned way" - i.e., by sending out one message after another - is a pointless endeavor. You need exceptional email marketing software to get the job done in the quickest and most efficient way possible - and you can not do better than Email-List.com's Emailing Marketing Software as a service.

Is Your Email Campaign Working For You?

There are many kinds of email marketing software available today. All too often, companies select one and use it for years and years, without bothering to upgrade or look into new options. Effective email marketing requires a constant eye on emerging technology - and the willingness to try out new email marketing software. If you haven't upgraded your email marketing software in a while, it's time you did it for good. Email-List.com's Email Marketing software is remarkably intuitive and can simplify the tedious chore of advertising, communicating and promoting your products and services through email.

Features To Look For In Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is available in a number of different configurations - and with a huge array of different features. Sifting through them all can be a daunting task, but knowing which features help the most in an email marketing campaign can help a lot. Email-List.com's Email Marketing software includes these - and many other - key features:

  • Email Personalization - Our Email Marketing software will easily allow you to include the recipient's name and other information in the subject and/or body of the emails you send, lending them a more personal feel.
  • Offer Expiration Setup - You don't have to babysit your email marketing campaigns, which is why you should choose our email marketing software. It allows you to set specific expiration dates for various offers; when their time is up, they stop being sent - it's as easy as that.
  • List Management - Managing and using the lists that you send your offers to should be intuitive and easy. Our Email Marketing software lets you manage your lists using many different criteria - for example, category and email address.
  • Offer Rotation - Email marketing goes a lot more smoothly when you can plan out multiple offers and campaigns ahead of time - then let them rotate automatically. Email-List.com's email marketing software lets you schedule your offers according to your own needs and preferences.

Kick Your Advertising Campaign Up A Notch With Effective Email Marketing Software

There's no doubt about it: High quality email marketing software is an integral part of today's successful advertising. If you're not reaching out to prospective and existing customers by email, then you're missing out on a lot of new and repeat business. Finding topnotch email marketing software should be one of your top priorities; our Email Marketing software can certainly help you streamline your advertising activities and secure maximum ROI on every penny spent.

If your company needs to be in touch with existing and potential customers on a regular basis, then you need email lists from an experienced and qualified email list vendor. Only the right vendor can work with you to create a list that delivers the results you need based on your specifications. If you are thinking of focusing on a specific demographic, then a good list vendor can generate email lists for you that focusing on any age group or geographic region. There are many benefits of working with an experienced email list vendor: they help you generate new contacts, communicate with existing and potential customers, and open the door to potential markets.

An experienced vendor can deliver your email lists in the formats which you can easily put into your computer. You can then break your email lists down into as many segments as you may need, and target specific parts of your email lists to make sure your message reaches out to the right people. If you are looking for international contacts, then an experienced email list vendor can get you lists broken down by country, state, County or any region that you specify. Customized email lists can be very valuable to your business and that is what good vendor can supply to you in a timely fashion.

You can also get corporate email lists broken down into as many categories as you may require. Email lists can be broken down by corporate SIC codes, the countries of origin, number of employees, and any other qualifier you may need. You can get email lists that contain follow up information such as company contact address, phone number, and contact names within the company as well.

When you work with an experienced and qualified email list vendor, you get the information in the format that suits your business requirements. You can work with the professionals in an experienced organization to get your email lists segmented into industry type, by geographic region, or by any other demographic you need. All of your concerned work is done for you, and that allows you to run your company with an eye towards growth instead of clamoring to figure out where the next batch of quality sales leads will be coming from.

A good email list vendor is a powerful business partner that supplies you with the information you need to push your business forward. Your list vendor is the gateway to new contacts, new customers, and new markets that you and your sales group can use to expand and grow your business. It is important to work with a company that understands the importance of a quality email list, and avoid those organizations that may supply you with email lists that have inaccurate or outdated information on them. Get your business on the right track and start working with an experienced email list vendor today to speed fast your email marketing.

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